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Okuma MILLAC 1000VH


The MILLAC 1000VH, a 5-axis, multiplane machining center, is fast and rigid with a box type bed and a rectangular/wide sliding surface. It achieves stability and precision by utilizing large ball screws and supports with pre-tension. The multi-face machining capability allows for the machining of complex workpieces in one setup, improving part accuracy by eliminating errors while readjusting the part. The 2APC rotary also reduces setup time and increases productivity.

Model Variations
L = Standard Turning Y = Y axis
M = Milling W = Sub-spindle
  • MILLAC 1000VH Straight
Quick Specs
Table Dimensions mm (in) 1,000x1,000 (39.37x39.37)
Travel X mm (in) X-Axis: 1,650 (64.96)
Travel Y

Y-Axis: 1,300 (51.18)
Travel Z

Z-Axis: 1,000 (39.37)
Max Load kg (lbs) 2,000 (4,400)
Rapid Traverse (X/Y) mm/min (ipm) X / Y Axis: 24,000 (945)
Rapid Traverse (Z)

Z-Axis: 12,000 (473)
Rapid Traverse (A/C) deg/min 1~1,080
Spindle Speed min ⁻¹ 100~10,000
Spindle Power kW (hp) 18.5 / 22 (25 / 30)

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