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All You Really Need to Know About Marketing Your Shop

Sometimes we make things more complicated than they need to be. When it comes to bringing in new customers and keeping the ones you have, the simple truths you learned as a child are still the basis for effective marketing. In fact, they’re the foundation for true success in all aspects of business. So take just a moment to remember what Mom, Dad and your teachers told you:

To make a friend, be a friend. It was true when you first heard it and it’s equally true for marketing today. All things being equal, people buy from someone they know, like and trust. So let your customers know that you regard them as more than just another job. They’re people, after all, with wants, needs and problems. Your job is to make their workday a bit easier. So fill your Web site, blogs and social media with useful information, not fluff. Give them a call once in a while just to ask how they’re doing – with no ulterior sales message. Be a caring person.

Listen more, talk less. People like good listeners, whether in person, on the phone or in response to a posting or inquiry. Yet truly listening and hearing what a customer tells us is becoming a lost art. Yes, we’re all busy, but taking the time to listen to and understand our customers is critical on so many levels. Sometimes, of course, the customer isn’t telling us everything we should know. That’s when we need to ask insightful questions and listen carefully to the answers.

Treat others as you would have them treat you. Think about this variation of the Golden Rule if you’re ever tempted to overpromise your company’s capabilities or delivery time to a customer. What if you were on the receiving end? How would it make you feel?

Actions speak louder than words. Today customers judge us on the value they receive, how well we deliver on our promises, and the overall experience we provide. So you can brag and boast about your shop all you like. Your customers will only stay with you as long as you deliver results.

Finally, remember that the marketing tactics you employ are a reflection of the kind of company you are. As a fourth generation family owned and operated business, Gosiger believes that success is about the good you do for your customers, your employees and your loved ones. Let us put our 90 years of manufacturing equipment experience to work for you.