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5 Ways Email Can Get More CNC Machine Shop Business

Make_email_work_for_your_CNC_ShopAlthough social media, online advertising and other digital promotional tools get star treatment these days, it’s a fact that email is still the most widely used business communications vehicle. As such, email is also one of the most accessible and cost-effective ways to get more CNC machine shop business.

When used properly, email can keep your current customers aware of your company and its capabilities, establish your organization as a knowledgeable, helpful supplier to potential new customers, and strengthen all of your relationships. It’s less intrusive than a phone call or text message and saves considerable time and effort.

On the negative side, we’re all inundated with droves of emails every day and, therefore, our messages can get lost in the mix. So here are 5 techniques that can help get your emails read and achieve your promotional goals.

  1. Make the content meaningful. While it is important to maintain a regular flow of communications, there is no point in sending messages that offer no benefits. In fact, if your customers see that your emails have little value, they’ll ignore them. On the other hand, if your email promises some benefit, like a link to an article or video that speaks to your customer’s needs, limited time special pricing, or the availability of a new service or capability, they’ll be less likely to automatically hit the “delete” button.
  1. Pay attention to the subject line. Too often emailers ignore the importance of the subject line. You have to pique the customer’s curiosity so they’ll begin reading your email message. Think of it as the headline of your ad. Make sure the value you are providing is clearly and specifically identified in the subject line. For example, say you have a case study that demonstrates how you benefitted another customer. The subject line of your email might say: “How our new machining method cut this customer’s time-to-market in half.”
  1. Be brief. None of us have time to read lengthy emails. Get right to the point and, whenever possible, provide a link for the customer to get the rest of the story. If the customer is interested in your topic, they’ll be happy to access the article or video on your Web site . Once there, they are exposed to other aspects of your business they may choose to explore. Perhaps you’ve added new equipment or capacity, or you’ve solved a difficult application problem for a customer. Make sure these are highlighted on the same page your email link takes the customer to.
  1. No excuse for typos. Be sure to proofread every email you send out. If necessary find someone in your organization who is detail oriented and can spot typos, misspellings and incorrect word usage. Errors in your emails may hurt your credibility as a provider of quality services that pays attention to detail.
  1. Don’t risk being labeled a Spammer. Ask permission of your customers and prospects before adding them to your promotional email list, and properly identify yourself and your organization, providing current contact information. If you send to multiple customers be sure to hide the addresses of the other recipients. This protects their privacy and insures that you don’t upset a customer who sees a competitor in your address list.

Email is still a highly effective marketing tool. Following these simple guidelines can help bring more CNC machine shop business.

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