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4 Executive Sessions CNC Shop Owners Won’t Want to Miss

When Gosiger sponsored the first Executive Roundtable Discussions last February with a dozen shop owners and managers in southeast Ohio, the three top of mind issues that came up were: (1) Finding and keeping good employees; (2) Pricing to be both competitive and profitable; (3) The desire for help from suppliers when tackling difficult problems.

While having the opportunity to vent and discuss these issues was important, we didn’t want to leave it at that. You asked for help and we’re happy to offer it. That’s why on September 23 & 24, 2015 during our annual Gosigerfest celebration of new manufacturing technologies and techniques, we’ve brought in 4 industry experts to share their knowledge with you on the issues that keep business owners like you up at night:

Setting Prices

Getting the most profit out of your shop while remaining competitive is a challenge to any business owner. Fortunately CNC machine shops have the advantage of living in a world of measureable activities. Of course, there are a number of variables that must be considered when establishing customer prices, which is why you need a strategy and methodology for determining the right amount to charge.

In a September 23 presentation entitled Precision Pricing you’ll learn the factors you need to consider to establish optimum prices.

Getting The Most Out Of Your People

We all know that our most valuable assets are our employees. Even with the best technologies we can’t be truly productive unless we have the right people in the right jobs. But how do we identify their best skills? How do we motivate them? And how do we keep them with us as they grow in their abilities to contribute?

Lisa Novelli answers these and other questions when she presents ROI and Skill Set: How People Play a Vital Role in ROI on September 23.

Hiring The Right People

In our February roundtable, CNC shop owners lamented that they have a tough time finding and holding onto qualified people. Fact is we often make hiring decisions based on our gut feelings, and that may contribute to the problem. On September 24 presenter Alec Broadfoot will conduct an interactive seminar, Cracking the Code of Hiring Right in which he will train attendees on how to use a proven method for identifying and hiring the best employees.

On the same day a panel discussion by members of Staffmark, Attracting and Retaining Machinist Talent will share best practices and answer your questions about the hiring process.

Seating for these presentations is limited, so register early to make sure you don’t miss out.