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3 Videos that Drive Customers to Your Machine Shop

Video productions are one of the most powerful forms of communications and a proven sales tool. As a consumer you already know the power of video. And you’re not alone. In a 2011 survey, e-commerce consultants, The e-tailing Group, interviewed 1,039 participants about their video habits. Among their findings:

  • Those interviewed watch product videos 60% of the time they encounter them on Web sites, through emails and via other channels.
  • In the past three months 36% said they watched five or more Web site videos, and 66% said they watch product videos more than once.
  • One-third said they spend up to three minutes (more if the video is interesting enough) watching product videos that demonstrate or educate.
  • 51% have more confidence in purchasing from a company after watching their videos.

Does this enthusiasm carry over to people searching for manufacturing solutions? Every indication is that it does, and likely even more so. But what, exactly, do they want to see? Here are three proven video subjects that can help you bring in more business.

  1. Application Stories: Have you tackled a difficult machining challenge? Show and tell your audience how you did it. Explain what the problem was and the steps you took to solve it. This demonstrates your capabilities beyond the equipment in your shop. It shows the audience that you work with your customers to help them be more successful. That’s a genuine added value that can differentiate you from your competitors. A key component of this is “telling” as well as “showing.” Too often companies post videos without any narration, so the viewer may not understand everything that’s going on. These videos seldom get their most important messages across.
  2. Testimonials: Even better than you telling a success story is having a customer tell it for you. Interviewing your customers on camera makes a more powerful video, because your potential new customers can identify with the person telling the story. Not all of your customers will be comfortable being on camera, but you only need a few good stories to raise your credibility and stature.
  3. Your Story: Demonstrating your capabilities through case studies and testimonials, as described above, are the best ways to establish credibility with your potential customers. However, don’t overlook the importance of informing prospects about other important facts about your business. Not just the equipment you have, but the skills of your people, years of experience, expertise in specialized areas, etc. People like to do business with those they know, like and trust. Don’t you? So a well-produced, brief video story about who you are and the value you provide your customers is an essential sales tool. This video should not be a “brag and boast” piece, but rather an opportunity to put a human face on your company.

Finally, your video’s production values should be as professional as you can manage. Amateurish productions don’t reflect well on your company. In the survey mentioned at the beginning of this article, two-thirds of the people interviewed preferred to watch professionally prepared videos.

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