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Maintenance Inspection

Proper maintenance is important to protect your investment in your Gosiger machine tools. To help you keep your machine in top condition, we offer an annual inspection so you'll know if any serious problems are developing.

What Is Included with an Inspection:

Coolant and Air System

  • Inspect Coolant Hoses /Tank
  • Verify operation of coolant motor
  • Check for coolant leaks 

Mechanical System

  • Verify machine level
  • Check spindle lube
  • Check spindle orientation alignment
  • Inspect drive belts*
  • Inspect turret indexing system 
  • Verify machine geometries*
  • Inspect way covers and wipers
  • Inspect spindle encoder operation
  • Verify gearbox/motor operation
  • Inspect Tool Changer and lubricate*
  • Inspect spindle taper condition*

Way Lube system

  • Inspect filter
  •  Inspect hoses and fittings
  • Check pump operation / test
  • Check/adjust pressure spindle regulator
  •  Inspect system for leaks

Electrical Systems

  • Check voltages
  • Inspect connections and terminals
  • Inspect electrical ground connections
  • Inspect filter fans*
  • Check limit switches and safety locks
  • Check Axis motors and cables
  • Check all fans

Optional Services

  • Spindle Vibration Analysis Test
  • Renishaw Ballbar Test
  • Laser Pitch Error Compensation

*If applicable

Inspection Pricing

Below is pricing for a complete inspection of your machine and, where available, an option for adding a special CARE Kit to ensure your machine’s mechanical, electrical, lubrication, air flow and coolant systems will continue to operate in “like-new” condition. It is expected that upon arrival the machine will be immediately ready to begin the inspection work. Click button below for a detailed description of the preparations that we expect customers to make prior to the inspection. 

Pre-Inspection Checklist


Pricing is subject to change based on the current condition of the machine and any additional travel charges, where applicable. Multiple machine discounts are available.

2 Axis Lathes

Starting at:


2 Axis Lathes + CARE KIT

Currently available on
LB3000 EX, GENOS L200/L250/L300/L400

Starting at:


4 Axis Lathes

Starting at:


Vertical Machining Centers

Starting at:



Currently available on M460/560

Starting at:


Multus, Macturn, 2SP VTL, VTM, & HMC

Takes 2 days to complete 

Starting at:



All Okuma Grinding Products 

Starting at:


Double Column

Or any other machine not mentioned above

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Optional Services

Ballbar & Laser

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Ready for an Inspection?