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Prepaid hours & service contracts


What it is:

This agreement between you and the Gosiger Service Department will ensure quality service at a reduced rate. You can schedule service directly with Gosiger - Gosiger service technicians will provide top priority service for all your repair and maintenance requirements.

Buy the hours you need up front to save $1000s. Cost savings applied when paid in full. Parts will be billed separately

Cost Savings Off Hourly Rate:

What you get:

  • Reduced Labor Rate
  • Personal Contact for All Service Calls.
  • Top Priority Response for all your Service needs
  • Okuma-Certified / Factory Trained

Request A Quote

50 Hours

5% OFF

Parts will be billed separately

150 Hours

10% OFF

Parts will be billed separately

300 Hours

20% OFF

Parts will be billed separately

Prepaid hour contract is good for one year from date of purchase.


We're confident in the quality and reliability of our product line, so offering longer and more comprehensive warranties for your new machine is an easy decision.

What you do:

You allow us to keep your new machine in optimal condition by purchasing an annual service contract at the time you purchase your new machine or prior to warranty expiration extending the labor warranty. Allow us to make the necessary repairs or adjustments including non-warranty repairs and adjustments that may be needed.

What we do:

For each contract year purchased, we perform an annual machine inspection providing you with a complete report of warranty and non-warranty repairs and/or adjustments needed to keep your machine performing as intended. During the contract year(s), Service (parts excluded) that falls under the manufacturer's warranty limits will be at no charge to you, including travel charges—basically, extending the new machine labor warranty.

The Service Contract Machine Inspection includes:

Mechanical System

  • Verify machine level
  • Check spindle lube
  • Check spindle orientation alignment
  • Inspect drive belts*
  • Inspect turret indexing system 
  • Verify machine geometries*
  • Inspect way covers and wipers
  • Inspect spindle encoder operation
  • Verify gearbox/motor operation
  • Inspect Tool Changer and lubricate*
  • Inspect spindle taper condition*

Coolant and Air System

  • Inspect Coolant Hoses /Tank
  • Verify operation of coolant motor
  • Check for coolant leaks 

Electrical Systems

  • Check voltages
  • Inspect connections and terminals
  • Inspect electrical ground connections
  • Inspect filter fans*
  • Check limit switches and safety locks
  • Check Axis motors and cables
  • Check all fans

Way Lube system

  • Inspect filter
  •  Inspect hoses and fittings
  • Check pump operation / test
  • Check/adjust pressure spindle regulator
  •  Inspect system for leaks

Optional Services

 •  Spindle Vibration Analysis Test
 •  Renishaw Ballbar Test
 •  Laser Pitch Error Compensation

*If applicable



Okuma Care Kit

The Okuma CARE Kit helps ensure your machine’s mechanical, electrical, lubrication, air flow and coolant systems will continue to operate in “like-new” condition. The kit is available for purchase as an add-on to your Service contract. The  Okuma CARE Kit contains saddle wipers, cross slide wipers, way cover wipers, hydraulic filters, lube filters, and more!

View Okuma Care Kit Machine Availability

 The same warranty limits and exclusions defined in the manufacturer’s warranty will also apply to this agreement (see the operator’s manual for full warranty details). Generally speaking, this means repairs required for consumable items, misuse, or environmental damage are not covered. (Examples include, but are not limited to, changing filters, repairs due to crash from programming errors, or lightning strikes.) In these cases, the repairs will be billed the Gosiger division's service rates.

Warranty repairs will be done with no charge for the labor as long as these repairs are scheduled during normal business hours. Emergency repairs can be scheduled on weekends or after 5:00 PM on normal business days, but in these cases the labor premium for overtime will be billable at the difference between the regular rate and the overtime rate. Any parts required for repairs will be billed at the list price. For Service Contract detailed terms and conditions click on the button below or contact service at 866.385.2798.