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Our Partners

We are proud to work with over a dozen of the finest machine tool original equipment manufacturers available.


OKUMA AMERICA - With more than 70 products and 300 product configurations available, Okuma enables Gosiger manufacturing specialists to precisely match the right equipment to each customer’s needs. Equally important, Okuma products provide exceptional stability, reliability and accuracy, in part because they design and build each CNC machine using their own drive motors, encoders, spindles and controls.

Okuma also offers an App Store to allow you to have as much flexibility with your Okuma machine as possible.

Gosiger is a proud participant in Partners in THINC, a collaborative network of over 40 manufacturing equipment companies that work together to solve complex machining problems and develop new, more productive techniques.


NOMURASWISS - Featuring painstaking attention to construction details including hand-scraped ways with sub-micron unevenness of less than 0.0001mm, and dovetailed slides that move on a thin film of oil, Nomura Swiss-style turning machines provide industry-leading accuracy and stability.

Nomura's DST line offers Drill/Tap VMCs that still offer high-speed machining in a compact footprint. The DST's structural design lends to its increased rigidness and decreased vibration.


Automation Within Reach - AWR has over 30 years of automation experience and now features accessible machine tending solutions like the Load & Go. Their team has developed automation servicing over 2,500 machine tools, from low volume/ high mix job shop manufacturing to high volume production.


IFP CLEAN - iFP high-performance vacuum parts washers provide a self-contained, highly efficient and environmentally friendly solution to meet your most demanding parts washing requirements. Whether it’s one of their many standard models ranging from the KP30 to the KP.Max or a custom-built system, iFP and Gosiger lead the field in vacuum chamber washing technology and support.