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Gosiger Automation Plays a Role in Helping the Denver Mint Make Money

The following article appeared in the February 2013 editions of Manufacturing News (mfgnewsweb.com) under the title: “Machining and Metalworking Manufacturing: It’s All About Making Money” and is reprinted here by permission of Gross Publications, Inc.

Money. We earn it, find it and spend it but do we ever really stop to think how it is made? The United States Mint in Denver, CO, thinks about how coins are made every single day. That is their business and has been since the United States Mint in Denver began its first year of operation in 1906. Today, the Denver Mint’s daily output can exceed 50 million coins a day.

“I am proud that I was involved with the Mint in taking a huge leap forward by reducing three operations to one with this process.”


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