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One More Way Okuma Controls Make CNC Programming Quick & Easy

Okuma OSP CNC control systems use the Windows®-based open architecture platform to optimize programming efficiency. There are many functions within the systems that provide shortcuts for streamlining production. Among these is the LIB (library) file that holds a group of macros residing within a single program. 

These programs allow the machine user to create custom tool change cycles, control probing macros and many more time-saving functions. 

In this video, a Gosiger West Coast programming specialist walks you through the step-by-step process for registering these macros on any Okuma mill equipped with an OSP-P200 or OSP-P300 control and provides a number of helpful tips. 

For more ways Gosiger manufacturing experts can help keep production moving in your CNC shop, contact your local Gosiger facility. 

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