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New Videos Demonstrate Unique Attributes of 4 Nomura Swiss-Style CNC Machines

Nomura Swiss-style CNC machines are ideal for precisely machining complex parts, extending tool life, and making it easier to deal with challenging materials. A new series of videos  on the following models clearly demonstrates the abilities of these sliding headstock machines. 

The models with highlighting videos are: 

  • 38UB8 that machines high-precision and complicated shaped parts with a shortened cycle time, long drill, horizontal tool post and dovetail structure. 
  • 32YB3 XB is a highly-flexible sub-spindle machine with 5 OD tools, 4 static front/back end working tools and 6 live cross drill/mill tools for the main spindle. The back has 3 static end working tools, 2 OD tools and 2 live drill/mill tools as standard. Both the main and back spindles have a .001 degree C-Axis. A variety of options are also available. 
  • Both 20J3XB and 0J3 are highly-flexible machines with sub-spindles that come standard with 6 OD tools, 4 static front/back drilling stations and 5 live cross drill/mill spindles for the main spindle. The sub-spindle has 3 static back drilling tools, 2 OD tools, 3 live cross drill/mill tools, and 3 live off-center drill/mill tools. Both the main and back spindles have a .001 degree C-Axis. 

To learn more about the attention to detail that characterizes each Nomura Swiss-style turning machine, visit https://www.nomuraswiss.com or contact your local Gosiger facility.