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Gosiger Partners with Educators to Develop Future Manufacturing Professionals

Developing the next generation of manufacturing professionals requires investments in programs that help students learn the real-world skills they need to succeed. As a firm believer in this approach, Gosiger provides equipment and training to several colleges across the country, sponsors lunch-and-learn and other events that bring students and professionals together, and works with tooling, software and other providers to support educational programs.

In addition, Gosiger establishes apprenticeship programs in concert with technical schools such as Upper Valley Career Technology Center and Miami Valley Career Technology Center. Both institutions partner with Gosiger to provide a mix of academic and hands-on education. 


To introduce students to the Robotics Technician Apprenticeship Program, Gosiger invites interested high school juniors to tour its facilities and learn how the combination of technical instruction and on-the-job training will help them prepare for a successful career. Following an interview and job-shadowing experience that helps determine if the student is well suited for this work, selected individuals are invited to participate. 

The program begins in the summer prior to the student’s senior year of high school to familiarize them with responsibilities and expectations. As the school year begins, the student’s schedule consists of a rotation of 2 weeks in school followed by 2 weeks in the workplace. Each apprentice is assigned to a Gosiger Senior Robotics Technician who provides on-the-job, hands-on education. There are three stages to the program, each of which requires the student to achieve a level of proficiency before advancing to the next tier. 

Upon graduation from the Career Technology Center and successful completion of the apprenticeship program, qualified students are eligible for offers of full-time employment with Gosiger. 


A family owned and operated business for more than 95 years, Gosiger serves the manufacturing profession with technologies and services that enable our customers to better achieve their goals. If you are interested in Gosiger apprenticeship programs, contact Gosiger Human Resources: 937-228-5174. If you seek an opportunity to advance your career and become part of a family of manufacturing technology experts, visit our Careers page for currently open positions. Then send us your resume to: resumes@gosiger.com.