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Controlling Chip Production Improves Throughput & Part Quality

Productivity is an important objective when setting up a part program, and often means maximizing spindle speed and feed rate. However, tools selected strictly on the basis of cutting speeds, may also produce chips that are difficult to manage.

In the video “How to Improve Chip Control…” cutting tool manufacturer Sandvik Coromant explains how selecting the best cutting tool can eliminate the problems associated with poor chip management including:

  • Re-cutting of chips
  • Reduced tool life
  • Workpiece quality issues
  • Scrap and rework
  • Material waste
  • Work stoppages

The video graphically demonstrates the importance of nose radius, depth of cut, feed rate and insert geometry to delivering the most efficient machining results.

Gosiger works closely with partners like Sandvik Coromant to bring CNC shops and other manufacturers the latest technologies and methods for optimizing productivity. Gosiger application and production engineers offer a wide range of expertise that can answer even the most challenging production questions. Simply contact your local Gosiger facility.