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5 Ways to Lead Your CNC Shop to Greater Productivity


We talk a great deal about management skills in manufacturing. In fact, many job titles include the word “manager”: Production Manager, Plant Manager, Shift Manager, Parts Manager – you get the idea. The fact is, if your job includes overseeing people as well as things, you need more than basic management skills to be truly successful. You need to be a leader.

What’s the difference? One way to look at it is that leaders inspire people to do more than simply complete a specific task. They engage the people they employ or supervise to work toward a common goal, think independently and find their own solutions to the problems we all encounter on a daily basis.

So what attributes does a workplace leader exhibit? Here are a few:


  1. Leaders take the long view, rather than spending all of their time putting out fires. They have a vision for what they want their organization to be and communicate their goals and strategies to their people. Periodically they gather their staff and let them know how well they are progressing toward these goals, while acknowledging the importance of each person’s contribution.


  1. Leaders listen to their people. They let them know that they appreciate their ideas, comments and concerns and keep them informed about any actions taken in response. People want to be heard and they want to know if their idea was implemented, their comments were taken seriously, and their concerns addressed.


  1. Leaders are empathetic. The CNC machining business relies on the skills required to work with things: machine tools, materials, parts, etc. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the people running the machines and making the parts are also human beings with emotions as well as intellect. That’s why good leaders recognize that feeling a sense of satisfaction for a job well done, being happy about coming up with a creative solution, and achieving a personal goal should be shared and celebrated. They are also sensitive to changes in an employee’s behavior that may signal a personal or work-related emotional issue. Addressing these symptoms at the outset can keep work from being affected and may even prevent the loss of a good employee.


  1. Leaders are life-long learners. They continuously learn about the latest manufacturing technologies and trends, so they can keep their team ahead of the competition and stimulate their employees to expand their own knowledge. They also send their people to trade shows, supplier’s open houses and seminars so they can learn first-hand about new equipment and techniques.


  1. Leaders share the glory. As the company grows and prospers, leaders let their people know how much they appreciate their contributions and reward them accordingly. Being open and honest, and sharing both the monetary and emotional rewards of success will lead your people to even higher levels of performance.

For more than 95 years Gosiger has been a leader in providing the latest manufacturing technologies, engineering assistance, technical service and customer support. How can we help you lead your CNC shop to greater success? Let us know by contacting your local Gosiger facility.