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5 Services that will Boost Productivity & Strengthen Your Bottom Line

Getting the most out of CNC machines and other production equipment often requires a careful analysis and refinement of the manufacturing process. Many CNC shops can benefit from working with an engineering services partner that has expertise,  in-house resources and years of experience to apply to virtually any machining challenge. 

Gosiger’s Engineering Services Division (ESD) has a staff of 22 process, mechanical design, controls, project and manufacturing engineers available to help manufacturers improve their shops’ performance 5 ways: 

  1. Turnkey: When you acquire a machine tool from Gosiger, ESD can develop a complete manufacturing process plan including all required accessories and engineering labor, with guaranteed cycle time and part quality at a quoted price. This service allows you to continue doing what you do best while ESD maximizes the return on your investment in new equipment. 
  1. Sharekey: In this process you work together with ESD to develop a complete manufacturing process in which you provide the machine tool, accessories and engineer labor to, again, achieve guaranteed cycle time and part quality. 
  1. First Part Development: ESD will provide all accessories and engineering labor to develop a complete manufacturing process for your Gosiger-provided machine tool. This includes standard work holding and tooling solutions, a guaranteed completion date and a fixed price. 
  1. Engineering Support: On a time-and-materials basis, ESD will work with you on- or off-site to tackle any engineering tasks necessary to optimize the efficiency of your manufacturing process. 
  1. Controls: There are a number of ways ESD can help refine your manufacturing process by designing, building and integrating machine tool accessories. Some examples are:
  • Servo doors
  • BK Micro
  • Custom APPs using the Okuma OSP control API
  • Turret mounted load/unload devices
  • Part exit conveyor systems
  • Large tool pickup stations


For more than 95 years Gosiger has provided machine shops with the most advanced machining technologies, unmatched engineering services, technical service, replacement parts and customer support.  Contact your local Gosiger facility to learn more.