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5 Reasons to Revisit CNC Machine Preventative Maintenance


The busier a CNC shop gets the more likely consistent machine maintenance falls by the wayside. This can lead to some unfortunate consequences: 

  1. Machine malfunctions interrupt workflow costing precious production time. Worse yet, if you run lights-out, you may have treble damages in the morning: Stalled job runs, wasted material and scrapped parts, and significant machine repairs. 
  1. CNC machine breakdowns due to lack of maintenance often cause secondary part failures, thus escalating the cost of repairs. Something as simple as a worn way scraper can lead to rebuilding way surfaces to the tune of thousands of dollars and generate even more downtime. 
  1. Machines that are not properly maintained have shorter lifespans and must be replaced more often than well maintained equipment. This impacts your ability to invest in other equipment and technologies to help grow your business. 
  1. Beyond lost production time and repair costs machine breakdowns incur additional labor expense. Instead of producing parts, your machine operator spends time fixing machine problems and waiting for repair parts and service. 
  1. Regular maintenance records help identify machines that are being misused or neglected so you can correct the situation, such as if the operator fails to use the correct machine lubricant. 

Given the importance of preventative maintenance, an annual review of your procedures and policies, along with regular retraining of your workforce are worthwhile endeavors. With more than 95 years of machine tool experience, the Gosiger team can offer everything from basic tips to a comprehensive preventative maintenance program through Gosiger Technical Services. Learn more by contacting your nearest Gosiger facility