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4 Ways to Reduce Overhead Costs with iFP Clean

In any manufacturing or production facility, one of the key concerns is always overhead costs. These costs include everything from labor and materials to energy and maintenance expenses. For many businesses, finding ways to reduce overhead costs can be challenging, but it's essential for long-term success and profitability. One way that companies can lower their overhead expenses is by investing in iFP vacuum parts washers.

So, how can iFP vacuum parts washers reduce overhead costs for businesses?

Reduced Labor Costs

One of the most significant expenses for many manufacturing facilities is the cost of labor. By investing in an iFP vacuum parts washer, companies can reduce the time and labor required for parts cleaning. Because the iFP vacuum parts washer is fully automated, workers can focus on other tasks, such as assembly or quality control, while the parts are being cleaned. This can lead to significant cost savings in labor and production time.

Energy Efficiency

Another major overhead cost for many companies is energy usage. Traditional parts washers can consume more energy due to using heated air to dry parts and heating tanks that are not sealed. In contrast, iFP vacuum parts washers are more efficient because the IFP uses vacuuming drying to dry the product. The IFP's whole system is completely sealed, allowing the heat to be insulated inside the machine resulting in lower energy bills and reduced overhead expenses.

Detergent and Disposal Cost

Eliminate concerns brought forth by conventional vapor degreasers using hazardous or expensive chemistry and minimize solvent consumption through continual fresh solvent regeneration. IFP vacuum parts washers use zero water, zero detergent and zero typical wash waste. Due to the IFP's ability to redistill and clean its own solvent, you have very little cost in cleaning agents, as opposed to using water tanks you have to drain and dispose of water then refill will water and new detergent. 

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Maintaining traditional parts washers can be costly, especially when parts need to be replaced or repaired frequently. iFP vacuum parts washers are designed with durability, reliability in mind and ease of access to service. Because the vacuum cleaning process is less harsh on the parts washer, parts last longer and require less frequent replacement. Since iFP only utilizes modified alcohol, all water and water-related costs would be immediately expunged. No more mixing, no more scum build-up, no more need to complete drain washing tanks and refill, and no more rework due to quality issues. Metalnox M6386’s chemical makeup allows the machine to separate it from the cutting oils and preserve it through each cycle, resulting in 1-3% loss of solvent per oil removed from the machine.

Environmentally Friendly

Finally, investing in an iFP vacuum parts washer can help companies reduce their environmental impact. Traditional parts washers can use harsh chemicals and solvents that harm the environment. By switching to environmentally green processes and solvents, you can eliminate hazardous chemicals from the air, decrease emissions, and lower your chemical consumption. As previously stated, iFP uses Metalnox M6386 as a non-hazardous biodegradable organic solvent solution that provides many great features, including being REACH-compliant, CFC free and non-flammable. This can help companies reduce their carbon footprint and improve their reputation with customers increasingly concerned about environmental issues. Learn more about how to keep your parts production process green without sacrificing cleanliness

Is it worth the investment?

Investing in an iFP vacuum parts washer can help companies reduce overhead costs in several ways. From reduced labor and energy expenses to lower maintenance and repair costs, the benefits of an iFP vacuum parts washer are clear. Additionally, its environmental friendliness can help businesses enhance their reputation while benefiting the planet. Overall, investing in an iFP vacuum parts washer can be an excellent way for businesses to reduce overhead expenses while improving efficiency and sustainability.

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