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Future-Proof Cleaning

Why Modified Alcohol & Vacuum Degreasing are the Perfect Match

This is not just about surviving the HFE phase-out; it's about thriving in the new cleaning landscape. By embracing vacuum degreasing, you'll not only ensure the highest quality cleaning standards but also safeguard your workforce, minimize your environmental impact, and prepare your business for a sustainable future.


With HFE bans in place, what are your options?

The 3M HFE announcement complicates your cleaning operations, as both HFC and HFE may now be classified as PFAS. With 3M, the primary HFE manufacturer in the US, ceasing production by 2025, you face three choices:

1. Change your current solvent blend – a risky move with uncertain cleaning effectiveness.
2. Invest in a new vacuum degreaser – a durable solution, but with potential high upfront costs.
3. Switch to aqueous cleaning – seemingly eco-friendly but often plagued by drying challenges, material compatibility issues, and waste disposal problems.

For a future-proof solution, choose vacuum degreasing with modified alcohol. It's cost-effective, environmentally responsible, and excels in demanding cleaning tasks. Instead of merely surviving the HFE phase-out, embrace vacuum degreasing to ensure your cleaning operation not only endures but thrives in the evolving landscape.

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Types of solvent washers include:

Vapor degreasers

Conventional vapor degreasers are open-air systems where parts bathe in evaporating solvent from a heated basin below.

Manual degreasers

Manual degreasers are inefficient stations where operators individually scrub parts in solvent.

Vacuum chamber parts washers

Vacuum parts washers are closed-loop systems that prevent emissions and recycle solvent, saving money.



Overwhelmed by the rising costs of solvents?

The 3M HFE announcement has triggered a solvent stampede. Big suppliers are hoarding HFE, sending prices skyrocketing. We've seen drums as expensive as $15,000! Feeling the squeeze? We hear you.

That's where modified alcohol and vacuum degreasing come in. Here's why:

  • Modified alcohol is a frugal friend: It's significantly cheaper than HFE, your wallet will thank you.
  • Vacuum degreasers are efficiency experts: Their design minimizes solvent usage, meaning you need less, saving you even more.

Vacuum Degreasing
Conquers Complex Parts.

For the intricate geometries of medical and aerospace parts, standard cleaning methods simply don't cut it. Blind holes? No problem. Delicate surfaces? Check. Tight tolerances? Conquered. Vacuum degreasing tackles even the most intricate cleaning tasks with its controlled solvent approach, ensuring pristine results without compromise.

Unlike its traditional counterpart, the vapor degreaser, vacuum degreasing boasts a secret weapon: a vacuum-sealed washing chamber. This creates a powerful suction that's like a microscopic tornado, drawing solvent into every nook and cranny, even the tiniest blind hole. Our machines excel in efficiently removing chips from challenging, inaccessible areas.

And for those medical parts destined for human contact, worry not! Our solvent has passed the rigorous ISO 10993-5 cytotoxicity test. Titanium, stainless steel, intricate polymers – you name it, vacuum degreasing handles them all with precision and care.





Is Your Solvent on the Chopping Block?

Time to ditch the ticking time bomb! If you're using TCE, nPB, PERC, MC, or HFC, consider this your wake-up call. These solvents are facing bans, restrictions, and phase-outs, leaving you scrambling for alternatives soon. Don't wait for the axe to fall – convert to a safer, future-proof solution now. Your health, your business, and the environment will thank you.

Let's chat and navigate this transition together before you're left holding the (empty) solvent can.

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Need long term cleaning process for your application?

The washing game's changing. You need a long-term cleaning champion. Modified alcohol vacuum degreasing is your answer:

  • Cleaning versatility: Handles diverse specs, like a champ.
  • Cost-effective hero: Low labor, solvent, and energy needs. Your wallet will love it.
  • Eco-warrior: Not a HAP, low GWP, and halogen-free. Mother Nature approves.
  • Future-proof champion: No CFCs, HFEs, HFCs, or PFAS. You're safe and sound.


Savings on washing products.
By recovering solvent through distillation


Energy saving high productivity.
By using vacuum sealed technology & heat recovery


Recovery of waste materials.
Waste goes in, then is separated & removed

Regulations & Reality:

Regulations got you eyeing water-based cleaning? Don't get caught in the aqueous trap! Here's why vacuum degreasing reigns supreme:

  • Micro-Part Master: Solvent reaches where water fears to tread, leaving your tiny components sparkling clean. No more drying dramas or hard water spots!

  • Material Matchmaker: No more juggling multiple baths for different materials! Vacuum degreasing handles it all with one happy solvent bath.

  • Waste Warrior: Say goodbye to oil-water separation nightmares and endless bath dumps. Vacuum degreasing recycles solvent, minimizing waste and saving you money.

  • Filtration Farewell: Ditch the flat-bottom tank and chip-clearing blues. Vacuum degreasing's design keeps your filtration flowing smoothly.

  • Rinse Revolution: Your final rinse isn't a gamble on tap water. Vacuum degreasing delivers spot-free perfection, no RO/DI system required.


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