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Is Your Cleaning Process Future-Proof?

Join us to learn how you can beat the bans!

Join us to dive deeper into the solvent restrictions and bans in place. Solvents like TCE, nPB, PERC, MC, and HFCs face bans and restrictions. With these restrictions looming, your business might be left scrambling for alternatives. It's not a scare tactic – it's a reality check.

Gain expert knowledge on parts washing processes, discover a future-proof solution, and get an overview of an iFP machine. Vacuum vapor degreasing cuts cleaning costs, waste, and labor while tackling a variety of parts and cleaning specs.


Wednesday, April 24th, 2024
11 AM - 3 PM


Gosiger - Dayton
108 McDonough St 

Dayton, Ohio 45402

Wash Away Your Worries

Sit in on Educational Seminars for Parts Washing by:


What is Vacuum Vapor Degreasing?

Vacuum vapor degreasing cuts cleaning costs, waste, and labor while tackling a variety of parts and cleaning specs. This presentation unveils how this future-proof technology benefits you.


Next Generation Cleaning, what are your options?

This 3-part presentation will explore the cleaning options available to replace the traditional solvents that are being phased out or discontinued by EPA proposed rules. Not all cleaning solutions are created equal, and not every cleaning solution will fit every situation. KYZEN cleaning experts will walk you through the pros and cons of open-top degreaser solvent drop-ins, vacuum degreasing technology, and aqueous cleaning options.

Are you prepared for the changes in the washing industry?

With Solvents phasing out and EPA Restrictions underway, make sure you know all of the options and information to make the best decision for you.
Don't Just Survive the Phase Out. Thrive!

iFP Machine On Display

An overview of the machine will be available for those who are interested. 

iFP KP.HMA 100

The ideal product for the most demanding applications. It satisfies high productivity demands and large quantities of contaminants.

It is suitable for aerospace, medical, automotive, precision small parts, blind/thread holes, complex geometry components, sintered components, heat exchangers and bent parts.

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Learn how the solvent restrictions in place affect you and your parts-washing process.

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