The MULTUS B300II, a 8-10 inch chuck class multitasking machine, uses lathe, vertical or horizontal machining center and material handling operations. It is more compact and performs process-intensive machining for shorter deliveries.

Watch how work in process is drastically reduced and machine utilization is greatly increased with fewer setups.

The MULTUS B300II has a 225° B-axis range with 6,000 rpm H1-milling spindle with dual function (L/M). The H-1 dual function spindle head utilizes CAPTO-C6 tooling and has a 15/10 hp PREX milling motor spindle [opt: 10,000 rpm - 21/15 hp]. The base offering has 40-tool ATC, with an optional 60-tool ATC available. The H1-turret has a 0.001 degree B-axis and compound motion Y-axis for machining flexibility. The main spindle is equipped with a full contouring C-axis.

Even in the most complex applications, Thermo-Friendly Construction assures precision, and the optional W version with sub-spindle allows a part to be handed from one spindle to the other. The MULTUS B300II is equipped with Okuma’s THINC-OSP P300S control for easy operation. Machinists will experience a simple, efficient way of producing parts with single-mode operation and superior graphics.

Model Variations
MULTUS B300II-C (w/ Tailstock) MULTUS B300II-T (w/o Tailstock)
MULTUS B300II-W (w/ right (second) spindle)
L = Standard Turning Y = Y axis
M = Milling W = Sub-spindle
  • MULTUS B300II Straight
Quick Specs
Max Turning Diameter mm (in)

Ø 600 (Ø 24.80)

Spindle Nose Type JIS A2-6 [JIS A2-8]
Speed Range min⁻¹ 45~5,000 [38~3,800]
Standard Power (20 min/cont) kW (hp) VAC 15/11 (20/15)
Rapid Traverse X,Z/Y m/min (ipm) 40/26 (1,575/1,024)

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