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Small | KP30 H/MA

iFP’s smallest, single basket cleaning platform. The KP30 is ideal for facilities manufacturing small precision parts with challenging, hard to clean geometries typical of parts found within the medical, dental and Swiss parts industries.

Standard features:

  • Vacuum technology providing a Green, air tight, closed loop cleaning platform.
  • Superior, self-contained solvent distillation system allowing continual solvent recycling with minuscule consumption.
  • Multi tank solvent design.
  • Vacuum dry cycle assuring dry part certainty with accelerated dry times.
  • Compact footprint.
  • Simple, memorized programmable wash cycles including programmable basket oscillation or full rotation.
  • Chip filter cartridge system resulting in clean dry chips.
  • Modem connection for efficient, real time Gosiger service assistance.
  • Standardized basket designs with wash loads to 66 lb.
  • Ideal for cleaning parts produced in oil or water based coolants.

Common options:

  • Ultrasonics.
  • Secondary filter(s) for ultra-fine filtration and bypass operation.
  • Application specific basket designs.
  • KP30 H/MA Straight
  • KP30 H/MA Inside
  • KP30 H/MA Inside
Quick Specs
Number of baskets per wash cycle 1
Basket Size 5.9"X7.9"X11.8"
Machine Dimentions 51.2"X78.75"X51.2"
Chiller Size N/A
Solvent Capacity 18.5 Gal.
Wash Cycles Per Hr 4 to 8
Chamber "maximum load weight" 66 lbs
Machine Weight 1,984 lbs

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