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Basic Series | KP100 H/MA

iFP’s popular, high performance work horse. With a wash chamber load capacity of 220 lb per wash, this platform will assure your ability to migrate from medium to mid-high volume as your business grows. The system can accept two standard baskets or one large basket.

Standard features:

  • Vacuum technology providing a Green, air tight, closed loop cleaning platform.
  • Superior, self-contained solvent distillation system allowing continual solvent recycling with minuscule consumption.
  • Independent oil separation system and tank delivering the highest level of separated oil purity.
  • Multi tank solvent design.
  • Vacuum dry cycle assuring dry part certainty with accelerated dry times.
  • Compact footprint.
  • 3 vacuum pumps for high performance and short cycle times.
  • Simple, memorized programmable wash cycles including programmable basket oscillation full rotation.
  • Chip filter cartridge system resulting in clean dry chips.
  • Modem connection for efficient, real time Gosiger service assistance.
  • Standardized basket designs with wash loads to 220 lb.
  • Ideal for cleaning parts produced in oil or water based coolants.

Common options:

  • Ultrasonics.
  • Secondary filter(s) for ultra-fine filtration and bypass operation.
  • 3rd solvent tank for ensuring pure solvent delivery in final wash cycle.
  • Interchangeable use of your current baskets or iFP standard baskets.
  • Application specific basket designs.
  • Automatic door.
  • Full automation.
  • KP100 H/MA Straight
  • KP100 H/MA Inside
  • KP100 H/MA Design
Quick Specs
Number of baskets per wash cycle 2
Basket Size 11.9"X7.9"X17.7"
Carrage Size 17.7"x7.9"x23.6"
Machine Dimensions 74"x110"x82"
Chiller Size 5 ton
Solvent Capacity 160 Gal.
Wash Cycles Per Hr 4 to 8
Chamber "maximum load weight" 220 lbs
Machine Weight 5,900 lbs

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