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Gosiger Named Exclusive Distributor in 11 States by Modig Machine Tool

November 11, 2014


Chicago, IL & Dayton, OH. – Modig Machine Tool US Inc. and Gosiger Inc. have signed a multi-year agreement making Gosiger the exclusive distributor for the full range of Modig products and solutions to end users in 11 states. In this role Gosiger will sell, install, service and support customers in California, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Washington.

According to Modig US President David J. Waldron, “Gosiger and Modig are both family owned and managed businesses, each with a rich tradition of partnering with and building deep relationships with customers. Gosiger is renowned for aligning itself with the most innovative forces in manufacturing technology and we at Modig are delighted to have Gosiger represent us throughout these territories.”

“Modig’s innovative technology, optimized for the aircraft industry, is recognized for the high quality of production coupled with dramatic reductions in component manufacture time, resulting in lower unit costs and significantly improved margins.

Founded in 1948 and focusing on the aircraft industry since 1988, Modig has continuously enhanced its reputation through its HHV extrusion mill and six-axis FlexiMill.”

A Gosiger spokesperson commented, “Modig’s products are an excellent fit with Gosiger’s portfolio of high quality, precision manufacturing machines and accessories. We look forward to this opportunity to offer our customers these exceptional Modig products backed by Gosiger’s commitment to outstanding customer service and support.”

Chicago based Modig Machine Tool US Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Modig Machine Tool Sweden.

Contact: David J. Waldron

Email: david.waldron@modig.se
Phone: (410) 375-4160

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