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The Benefits of CNC Lathes

In the machining world, there are certain jobs that only a CNC lathe can handle. CNC lathes are the standard machines when high-precision and high-performance are required. For product manufacturers, affordability isn’t the only requirement. Their machines have to function consistently, perform with a high level of precision, and continue to churn out the right product each and every time. That is exactly what CNC lathes offer.

For jobs that require precision on an extremely small scale, Swiss-Style lathes are the ideal solution. Swiss-Style lathes typically feature ten or more stationary tools that allow the lathe to be accurate down to the millimeter in diameter. Unlike most lathes, Swiss-Style lathes also allow for the manufacturing of non-rounded parts. These Swiss-Style lathes are the perfect machines for producing complex, miniature parts in one session with unmatched precision.

Other lathes - non Swiss-Style lathes - can be used for a wide range of general purpose machining. However, with the advancements in technology available today, lathes featuring twin spindles are capable of machining extremely complex parts. These lathes can create a significant decrease in cycle times and are easier to operate than ever before.

Although lathes may seem daunting to operate at first, with the right training these machines can increase productivity and provide repeatable accuracy like no other machine can. Whether your job is big or small, needs to be duplicated or is for occasional use, standard lathes and Swiss-Style lathes offer high precision and high performance of which all other machining tools and products fall short.