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Okuma 2SP-V80

2SP-V Series |  2SP-V80

The 2SP-V80 twin spindle, 4-axis vertical lathe delivers deep and precise cuts at a high RPM through the vertical box-shaped column and wide, square-shaped saddle and cross slideways. The lathe provides solutions for many parts, including large-diameter workpieces like brake drums, rotors, hubs and gears. The machine has a control to operate two independent spindles to increase efficiency, and is available with live tooling on one or two sides and straddle tooling to machine disc brake rotors on both sides.

Model Variations
L = Standard Turning Y = Y axis
M = Milling W = Sub-spindle
  • 2SP-V80 Straight
Quick Specs
Max Cutting Diameter mm (in)

Ø 800 (31.5)

Max Cutting Length mm (in) 840 (33.1)
Max Swing mm (in)

Ø 1,000 (39.4)

Rapid Traverse (X/Z) mm/min X-Axis: 16,000
Z-Axis: 16,000
Spindle Speed min⁻¹ Standard: 13~1,250
Option: 10~180, 12~530, 15~340, 20~1,000
Spindle Power kW (hp) 22 / 30 (30 / 40)

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