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Okuma LT2000 EX

LT EX Series | LT2000 EX

The LT2000 EX, Okuma's highly adaptable and productive twin spindle turning center in the 6-inch chuck class, has the ability to combine the upper and lower turrets with either spindle. This enables process flexibility, high feature utilization and the ability to complete the maximum primary and secondary machining possible in one compact platform. This machine can use many different configurations to maximize the benefits for specific circumstances.

It is available in either two or three turret versions, with or without Y axis, to provide best process balance and production throughput and integrated operations. This multi-function horizontal twin-spindle machine integrates lathe and mill/drill functions on all turrets. Thirty two tool stations are available for either mill or lathe function for the twin-turret machine and 48 for the 3-turret machine.

The LT2000 EX uses Okuma’s open architecture, PC-based THINC®-OSP P300 control with an "Easy Operation" feature, where commonly used processes are grouped to create an convenient platform for operators to complete their tasks.

Model Variations
LT2000 EX 2T 2M LT2000 EX 2T MY
LT2000 EX 2T 2MY LT2000 EX 3T 3M
LT2000 EX 3T 2MY LT2000 EX 3T 3MY
L = Standard Turning Y = Y axis
M = Milling W = Sub-spindle
  • LT2000 EX Straight
Quick Specs
Max Turning Diameter mm (in)

Ø 210 (8.27)

Spindle Nose Type

Ø 140 [Opt. A2-6]

Speed Range min⁻¹ 50~6,000, 50~4,500
Standard Power kW (hp) L/R: 11/7.5 (15/10) [22/15 (30/20)]
Rapid Traverse (X/Z) m/min (ipm) 30/40 / (1,181/1,575) C: 200 rpm, Y: 15 (591)

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