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LT EX Series

Equipped for both primary and secondary turning operations with left and right spindles and upper and lower turrets, the LT EX series maximizes productivity. You can combine the upper and lower turrets with either spindle, and add an optional third turret for even greater versatility. The result is a highly efficient production machine for balanced, pinch and bar turning,

To make operations quicker, easier and consistent, the THINC-OSP P300 control is standard equipment on LT EX models. This open architecture, PC-based control has a user-friendly interface so both experienced and novice machine operators get quickly up to speed.

These multi-function, twin-spindle lathes integrate milling and drilling functions on all turrets, and are available in several configurations to meet your specific requirements. Standard and optional features include: Y-axis, a third turret, live tooling turrets, Thermo Friendly Concept, Machining Navi and Collision Avoidance System.

Select an LT EX Series product to learn more:

Okuma LT2000 EX

Okuma : LT EX Series

LT2000 EX

Adaptable and productive twin spindle turning center in the 6-inch chuck class.

Okuma LT3000 EX

Okuma : LT EX Series

LT3000 EX

Adaptable and productive twin spindle turning center in the 8-inch chuck class.