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The SC9-46 model utilizes a ø 46 mm round bar capacity, independently controlled spindles with continuous drum indexing and fluid cooled spindles. The SC9-46 also provides a platform for chucking capabilities up to a diameter of ø 130 mm.

The SC9-46 9 spindle version employs 2 counter spindles in addition to the 6 main and 7th pick up spindles for even further complex machining on the back side of components. These flexible processing options in conjunction with no coolant lines or cables in the tool zone, creates a versatile and clean machining environment including driven tools and integration of C- and Y- axes in all positions.

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Quick Specs
Bar Stock Diameter Ø 46 mm
Chucking Stock Diameter Ø 130 mm
Part Length 125 mm
Spindle Speed - Front (RPM - Fully independent) 5,000 max
Spindle Speed - Back (RPM - Fully independent) 7,000 max
Number of spindles 9
Type machine CNC
Number of axes available 63
Index idle time 1.6 sec

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