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The SC7-46 model utilizes a ø 46 mm round bar capacity, independently controlled spindles with continuous drum indexing and fluid cooled spindles. The SC7-46 also provides a platform for chucking capabilities up to a diameter of ø 130 mm.

The SC7-46 comes in a 7 spindle model where 6 main spindles are combined with a 7th pick up spindle where simple back work operations can be performed. These flexible processing options in conjunction with no coolant lines or cables in the tool zone, creates a versatile and clean machining environment including driven tools and integration of C- and Y- axes in all positions.

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Quick Specs
Bar Stock Diameter Ø 46 mm
Chucking Stock Diameter -
Part Length 125 mm
Spindle Speed - Front (RPM - Fully independent) 5,000 max
Spindle Speed - Back (RPM - Fully independent) 7,000 max
Number of spindles 7
Type machine CNC
Number of axes available 49
Index idle time 1.6 sec

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