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Traditional CNC Rotary Transfer Series | Bar

The bar transfer machine produced by BTB TRANSFER is the ideal machine for the machining of turned parts obtained from non-rotating bar in brass, steel, or aluminum, as an alternative to the conventional production machines like the traditional/automatic multi-spindle lathes and screw machines.

The BTB bar transfer machine allows machining from both sides of the bar blank by clamping it in the chuck or loading the gripper by means of one part clamping. On conventional lathes the part is first machined from one side and then rotated and/or moved to allow the machining of the opposing side, thus promoting inevitable positioning errors.

State of the art technologies, from the original experience and creativity of BTB’s technical staff, has permitted the possibility of an extremely versatile and flexible machine, able to guarantee high productivity with reduced change over, making it very suitable even for small lot production runs.

  • Bar Straight
  • Bar Straight
  • Bar Inside
  • Bar Inside
Quick Specs
Parts E.A.U.:
Over 1 Million
Part Size:
Fits into a 10" Cube
Part Weight
2.5 oz. to 25 lbs.
Unit HP
Up To 50 HP
Turnkey Automation
Several Types
Unit Axis Of Motion
Up to 5

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