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Flex Series | M10

The M10 machine can be supplied in two different versions; with 4 or 6 machining stations, for part loading/unloading and 3 to 5 stations for machining. Each machining station has 2 machining centers positioned perpendicular to each other and in radial position according to the work holding. The work holding can be positioned at any angle in space with the 4th and 5th axis. It is a concept of HMC/VMC that simultaneously machines at each station. It can carry out numerous operations in all the angular positions of the 5 sides of the part. With 5 simultaneous stations and 10 machining centers we are able to divide the machining operations in order to drastically reduce the part cycle time. The capacity of 6 tools per machining center and the simplicity in positioning the work holding in space, minimizes the cost of tooling during changeover.

  • M10 Right
  • M10 Left
Quick Specs
Parts E.A.U.:
Over 1 Million
Part Size:
Fits into a 10" Cube
Part Weight
2.5 oz. to 25 lbs.
Unit HP
Up To 50 HP
Turnkey Automation
Several Types
Unit Axis Of Motion
Up to 5

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