Provide flexible ID and OD grinding with high-accuracy chucks and centerless holding solutions for performing multiple ID and OD operations on parts of virtually any geometry.

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Hardinge VM 110

Hardinge : Voumard Series

VM 110

Compact grinder for workpieces up to 120mm x 80mm.

Hardinge VM 130

Hardinge : Voumard Series

VM 130

For mass production of small and mid-sized workpieces up to 70mm x 70mm.

Hardinge VM 150

Hardinge : Voumard Series

VM 150

Versatile grinder for medium to large workpieces, depending on machine configuration.

Hardinge VM 300

Hardinge : Voumard Series

VM 300

For large diameter or length workpieces of up to 700mm x 300mm or 360mm x 1500mm, depending on machine configuration.