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Jones & Shipman

Britain-based maker of Universal, Surface, Profile & Creep Feed Grinders, Jones & Shipman precision grinders are used world-wide for aerospace, automotive, mold tool and die, medical parts and other applications.

Select a Jones & Shipman product to learn more:

Hardinge Jig Grinders

Hardinge : Jones & Shipman Series

Jig Grinders

Economic grinder with high performance capabilities.

Hardinge Cylindrical Grinders

Hardinge : Jones & Shipman Series

Cylindrical Grinders

Quick and accurate grinder.

Hardinge Surface and Profile Grinder

Hardinge : Jones & Shipman Series

Surface & Profile Grinders

Versatile grinder with high grinding capacity.

Hardinge Creepfeed Grinders

Hardinge : Jones & Shipman Series

Creepfeed Grinders

Advanced and adaptable grinder.