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Okuma VTR-160A

VTR-A Series | VTR-160A

The multifunctional, rigid, heavy-duty and thermally-stable VTR-160A double column turning center offers close tolerance machining that's precise and stable. The machine has a large work envelope with a swing over the bed, adaptable enough to handle many workpieces.

Watch the VTR-160A in action.

Model Variations
L = Standard Turning Y = Y axis
M = Milling W = Sub-spindle
  • VTR-160A Straight
Quick Specs
Swing, Max Turn mm (in) Ø 1,600 (Ø 62.9)
Max. Work Height mm (in) 1,250 (49.2)
Z-Axis Travel [RAM] mm (in) 900 (35.4)
W-Axis [Elevating Rail] mm (in) 600 (23.6)
Table Size mm (in) Ø 1,250 (49.2)
Max Load lbs 22000
Spindle Speed min⁻¹ (rpm) 23~63~400 2 by coil
Spindle Power kW (hp) 45 / 37 (60 / 50)
Torque kNm (lb-ft) 18 (13,276)
C-Axis 0.001° DD Encoder (Direct Drive)

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