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The versatile and efficient MCR-BIII double column machining center provides 5-face machining and the ram-type head features a 40 hp (30 hp continuous) 4,000 rpm vertical spindle for powerful cutting and rigidity. A single workpiece setup with various attachments can automatically perform a variety of machining functions, including angular and compound angular surface machining. A standard 50-tool magazine located on the side of the column provides automatic tool changing to the vertical spindle or the horizontal attachment.

Watch how the MCR-BIII can handle heavy cutting and precise finishing of die/mold jobs and large, complex parts.

Model Variations
MCR-BIII 20 E MCR-BIII 20 x 30
MCR-BIII 20 x 40 MCR-BIII 20 x 50
L = Standard Turning Y = Y axis
M = Milling W = Sub-spindle
  • MCR-BIII Straight
Quick Specs
Width Between Columns mm (in) 2,550 (100.39)
Table Travel (X-Axis) mm (in) 3,000(118.11), 4,000(157.48), 5,000(196.85)
Spindle Range min⁻¹ 4,000 (6,000 optional)
Spindle Power kW (hp) 30 / 22 (40 / 30)
Rapid Traverse Rate mm/min (ipm) 15,000 (590.55)
Magazine Capacity 50 Pocket (72, 100, 120, 180, 240 optional)

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