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Milling Machine Center

FlexiMill is game changing technology with unparalleled uptime. This 6-axis machining center for aluminum and composite delivers enviable quality for a reasonable investment. It is based on a cast iron bed which makes the machine moveable and only requires a simple and inexpensive foundation.

FlexiMill can be installed with an open machine cover or in a completely sealed machining area. Unparalleled milling capacity for large, complex components.

Excels at these parts:

  • Lower/Upper crown frames
  • Fuselage stringers
  • Wing box
  • Panels
  • Skins
  • Nacelle
  • Alleron panels/structures
  • Winglets
  • Vertical/Horizontal stabilizers
  • Inside FlexiMill
Quick Specs
 Controlled Axis   X/Y/Z/A/C/U 
 Travel X/Y/Z/U  mm (in)  1,200/1,400/2,200/6,000 (47/55/86/236)
 Spindle Type / Speed  min⁻¹ (rpm)  HSK-63 / (0~30,000)
 Spindle Power  kW (hp)  20 (26.8) or 45 (60)
 Rapid Traverse X/Y/Z  mm/min (ipm)  60,000 (2,362)
 Magazine Capacity    15 [opt. 30]
 Tool change time  sec.  10
 Machine Weight  Kg (Lb)  17,000 (37,478)
 APC    Available, Up to 1600mm
 Gantry Configuration    (3) different choices based on workpiece matl.