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Industry's maximum chip removal

No one else comes close to approaching the affordability of AeroMill and no one beats its performance. This horizontal 5-axis machining center handles your aluminum structural parts with a massive chip removal rate of up to 850 cubic inches per minute!

The extraordinary working envelope is 80 inches in Y axis and up to 240 inches in X axis. AeroMill’s robot loads and measures the tools while the machine is engaging the parts. When it’s time for a tool change, the robot moves out to the spindle and changes the tool, eliminating unproductive spindle time.

Excels at these parts:

  • Window/Door frames
  • Bulkheads
  • Wing box components
  • Wing spars
  • Engine nacelles
  • Engine mounts
  • Engine flap tracks
  • Wing ribs
  • Fuselage structural parts
  • Landing gear beams
  • Monolithic fuselage crown frames
  • Monolithic aircraft part made from plate raw materials
  • Drawing AeroMill
Quick Specs
 Pallet Size mm (in)  2,000~5,000 x 2,000 (78.7~196.8/78.7) 
 Controlled Axis    X/Y/Z/A/C
 Travel X/Y/Z  mm (in)  Up to 5000/2,000/1,000 ( Up to 197 /78.7/39.4)
 Spindle Type/Speed  min⁻¹ (rpm)  HSK 63, 80 or 100A- 20,000 or 30,000 rpm
 Spindle Power / Torque S1  kW (hp)  125 (167) or 150 (200)
 Rapid Traverse X/Y/Z  mm/min (ipm)  60,000 (2,362)
 Magazine Capacity    80 [opt. 120, 200, 300]
 Tool to Tool/Chip to Chip  sec.  4 / 9
 Machine Weight  Kg (Lb)  43,000 (94,800)
 Size (W x D x H)  mm (in)  14,990 x 7,420 x 4,200 (590 x 292 x 165.4)