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Millac 853PF-5X Series

The MILLAC 853PF-5X is a state-of-the-art profiler that answers the need for shorter setup times with process-intensive machining of materials from aluminum to titanium to produce high quality complex components. This is an ideal machine for aerospace airframe and wing spar components.

Based on a powerfully built machine structure, all five axes (X-Y-Z-A-B) use the rugged cast-iron box ways to deliver the best combination of high rigidity, heavy load carrying capacity and low friction. Plus the A/B axis can swivel/swing ± 35°. The standard full enclosure shielding shields the operator from splashing coolant and flying chips, while the pedestal-mounted operator’s panel can be rolled to any position for operator convenience.

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Okuma MILLAC 853PF-5X

Okuma : MILLAC 853PF-5X Series


Rugged, adaptable and precise 5-axis machining center.