Complex Shaft Machining, Including Hobbing, Now 75% More Efficient

November 19, 2013

Recently a customer asked Gosiger to help reduce the cost of machining complex pump shafts it produces for military and other applications. The CNC machine shop was using 5 machine tools to perform 14 operations on the workpiece, including turning, drilling, milling and hobbing. This required

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Gosiger Automation Video Demonstrates Improved Loading & Unloading Process

November 12, 2013

It’s no secret that using robots to handle large, heavy, unwieldy parts reduces production time and eliminates many worker safety issues. However even a basic loading and unloading scenario, like the one in this video, requires much more than simply placing a robot arm in front of a machine

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See How this Robot Uses IRVision to “See” & Load Automated CNC Machining Center

September 12, 2013

This video shows how a Fanuc M-20iA six-axis industrial robot equipped with an IRVision system locates, picks up and loads parts into an Okuma Multus B-300 CNC machining center.

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7 Tips For Milling Complex Parts

July 16, 2013

Many CNC machine shops have discovered that diversifying into new industries and, consequently, expanding the kinds of parts they produce is a key to growth in good times and a way to survive when the economy suffers. In many cases this means breaking out of their comfort zones and taking on

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Robotic Automation System Manages Production & Quality Control Without Operator Intervention

July 2, 2013

A video production from Gosiger Automation & Fanuc demonstrates a production cell that uses a Fanuc M-10iA Robot positioned at the side of a Hardinge Super Precision T-Series Turning Center, so the robot does not interfere with access to the machine tool. This is a unique configuration as the

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Video Demonstrates New End Milling Tool For Aluminum & Plastics

March 19, 2013

This new router style end mill tool from Sandvik Coromant (2P230 series) as shown on an Okuma Genos M560V vertical machining center (VMC) enables the cutting of an aluminum part with one tool. It provides high feed rate cutting used for z-level roughing and, because of its versatility, allows for

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Robot Machine Tool Loading, Unloading, and Inspecting Finished Part

February 7, 2013

In this video a FANUC M-10iA robot not only loads and unloads a part from a Hardinge Super-Precision T51 SP CNC machine, but also uses a Renishaw Equator Comparative Gauging System to inspect the finished part, all without operator intervention. The video narrator explains how the robot uses a

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New Video Explains Gosiger Automation Process

September 10, 2012

A new video from Gosiger Automation is now available on the Gosiger Website that briefly explains the process the company uses to help manufacturers improve productivity, reduce labor costs and become more competitive through the use of robotics-based factory automation systems. 

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FANUC Robot Unloads Multiple Okuma CNC Machines In Gosiger Factory Automation Video

April 17, 2012

In this brief video Gosiger Factory Automation shows how it used 3-D solids modeling to create a plan view that enabled its engineers to precisely determine the positioning and required movement of a FANUC robot used to load and unload multiple Okuma CNC machines. On-site video then shows the

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Gosiger Video Shows how Press Manufacturer Increased Productivity by 90%

February 16, 2012

Cincinnati manufacturer Nilpeter makes five models of flexographic presses that include a number of high-precision machined parts. One such family of parts is a series of impression cylinders that are critical components of each press. A typical Nilpeter flexographic press has eight impression

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