Engineered Systems

You can't afford waste - so our engineers and technicians make sure you have the best, most efficient process possible for the parts that you need to produce.

 Engineered Systems

Engineered Systems TechYou know the part that you want your shop to produce. But what’s the best way to do it? And do you even have the right machines to do it the best way possible? You can’t afford wastes of money, manhours, or material, so you want the most efficient process possible. One that will save you cash, best distribute your labor force, and make the most of the machines you have. And if you're not efficient - not to mention flexible enough to keep up with a changing industry - your shop could go out of business.

Gosiger’s Engineered Systems division knows. We understand your situation and your pains, and we know the best ways to fix them. Our 360° communication process ensures that our engineers have the greatest possible understanding of your problem, and that you understand the solution fully. That back-and-forth ensures that you get a personalized solution that works, rather than a cookie-cutter fix.

Here’s how it works. You bring us the part that you want to produce. Our 360° process uncovers the information we need. And we use that to bring you a total turnkey solution for your shop. The right machine. The right tools. The right processes. And extensive documentation that the other guys don’t give you. That way, even after we leave, you have everything you need to get the most out of your tooling system.

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