Gosiger Automation

If your goal is to be a more competitive parts producer and you are looking at new approaches to manufacturing, robotic automation may be your best answer.   Robotic automation can make your parts production processes more profitable by producing more, higher quality parts consistently at a lower cost.

Gosiger Automation

Robotically automated machine tools systems offer increased production efficiency, by allowing machine tools to run unattended during breaks and off-hours. In addition, automation will give personnel the freedom to do other essential tasks such as parts inspection without missing precious machine cycles.  Robots are there at your machines’ beckon call to load parts consistently hour after hour, day after day, for years, which increases machine throughput and utilization dramatically.  

AutomationMachine vision systems today allow robots to ‘see’ eliminating many requirements for precise part handling systems to feed parts to robots. Robotic de-palletizing and palletizing material handling systems can mean that your operators aren’t required to handle each and every part produced multiple times. Robots can lowers production costs over the long term through that increased efficiency. Your shop can produce more parts with fewer machine tools and less direct labor.

As technology advances, robotic automation becomes a viable solution for more and more CNC machine shops large and small alike. And an underutilized answer, which means that robots could give you a leg up on your competition.

Gosiger Automation specializes in the design and integration of robotic systems, supplying complete manufacturing solutions. In addition to material handling, many systems incorporate additional upstream and downstream processes and parts inspection; CMM’s and inspection gages. 

We will visit your operation and work with you to assess your application and determine the optimal robotic solution for your unique situation. If you decide to work with us, your robotic system will be fully assembled and tested in our facility before it is shipped to yours. So, you’ll receive a system that, after a short installation period, is ready to go.

Many manufacturing operations can benefit from robotic automation; robots are generally a viable solution; one that can take you to the next level. Learn today how automation can help your shop do more work faster, no matter your businesses’ size or job mix. Many people have questions about automation, so check out our FAQ section and if we didn't answer a question you have, feel free to contact us directly!