At Gosiger, we don't just sell CNC machines. We give the total package, with solutions for High Volume manufacturers, Automation for machine shops big and small, or Engineered Systems for shops searching for every advantage in efficiency.


You know Gosiger is the best source for purchasing and leasing machine tools - but there's much more to Gosiger's solutions than that.

Gosiger offers service, engineered systems, automation, and high volume.We offer a full range of services to all CNC machine shops to build on the power of machines from great brands like Okuma, Hardinge, and others. Whatever your shop needs to make that next step forward, Gosiger has an answer for you.

Are you wasting manhours on simple, repeatable tasks, time that could be better spent elsewhere? Automation and robotics can make your processes more efficient, cheaper, and can produce a higher-quality part. And automation isn't just for huge corporate factories - it's cost-effective and useful even for smaller shops.

Wasteful and sub-optimal processes can do a lot of damage to your bottom line. Gosiger's Engineered Systems team can help you find the best way to machine the parts that will make you the most profit, while saving money along the way.

Our High Volume division leverages the widest selection of high-volume-able machine tools to help you find the one that's right for the part you need to produce. And with a wealth of strategic information found in factories and shops worldwide, we help you build a smooth-running operation that maximizes speed, efficiency, and quality.

No matter what your shop's specialty, Gosiger has a dedicated team that can develop a system of machine and process that will help you to do the best work possible.