Swiss Turning

Swiss-style CNC turning machines were originally developed for the Swiss watch-making industry, to make very small, very precise parts. Today, Swiss-style machine are made in many countries and used for making small, highly accurate parts for such diverse industries as medical, dental, aerospace, automotive, metrology and others. The primary difference between Swiss-style and traditional turning machines is that Swiss-style machines move the bar stock being cut while the tool remains stationary. The bar stock feeds through a guide bushing and is held firmly so only the area being machined is exposed. This method reduces vibration and tool deflection, so that even complex, small parts can be machined to tight tolerances. Many Swiss-style CNC turning machines also perform additional machining operations while the part is held by the sub spindle, including drilling and boring. Gosiger applications specialists can help you select a Swiss-style turning machine for your small, complex, precise parts.