Parts Washing

Maximizing productivity means looking at the entire manufacturing process to be sure each step is as efficient as possible. This includes shipping parts that comply with the cleanliness requirements of your customers, whether in finished form or moving on to another process, such as coating or plating. While this seems obvious, cleaning these parts may not be as simple as it seems. For example, complex parts, including those with blind holes, cross-holes and ID threads, may require more sophisticated cleaning than very simple parts. And because water-based cleaning solution rinses are not always capable of adequately removing debris and chemical residue, you may need to employ solvent-based cleaning agents. Additionally, you may produce a wide variety of parts for various customers, each of which may require different kinds of cleaning. That’s why Gosiger recommends a versatile, solvent-based parts washing system that cleans parts in a sealed chamber using hydrocarbons or modified alcohol-based solutions that are internally recycled through a distillation process. This system reduces cleaning solution costs for the manufacturer while protecting the environment and workplace.