5 Axis

5 axis machining offers significant ways to increase productivity even if you don’t perform 5 axis simultaneous machining. Because 60% of parts are only machined on 5 sides, a 5 axis machining center enables you to completely machine a part in one cycle, often without any special fixtures, and with no costly operator intervention. By eliminating special fixtures and using one, 5 axis machine instead of several CNC machine tools, you’ll save valuable floor space and considerable equipment and maintenance investment. You’ll also significantly reduce operator costs.

 Okuma has a wide range of 5 axis machines available to fit every requirement, including the super compact Millac 33TU Vertical Machining Center, the Millac 1000VH for large workpieces, and the Multus series of intelligent multitasking machines that incorporate Okuma’s Thermal-Friendly Concept and Collision Avoidance System. The largest of these is the MU10000H for workpieces with diameters to 59.05” by 44.29” high that weigh up to 5,500 pounds.