If you often work on prismatic parts of various sizes, a Horizontal Machining Center (HMC) may be your best choice for increasing productivity. Horizontal Machining Centers eliminate most of the part handling associated with Vertical Machining Centers (VMC) when working on multi-sided parts. For example, when machining a six-sided part on a VMC, the operator moves the part seven or more times – in and out, and from fixture-to-fixture. This means increased labor cost, considerable spindle downtime, and increased potential for mechanical or human error.

On the other hand, a Horizontal Machining Center will handle a six-sided part with no more than three touches by the operator. Meanwhile the part movements are all made within the machining cycle, so no spindle time is wasted. Add to this the fact that one Horizontal Machining Center replaces four Vertical Machining Centers, and the savings really add up. The Gosiger applications experts can help you select from a wide range of HMC sizes and types to suit your particular needs.