Alesa Monti

The company motto, “Efficiency + Innovation” expresses Alesamonti’s focus on creating large scale CNC horizontal milling, boring and drilling machines that are technologically advanced and built with care for years of reliable, repeatable performance. These CNC machines are designed and constructed to maintain long term, ultra-high geometric accuracy that enables them to hold extremely tight tolerances on large prismatic parts.

Located near Milan, a major industrial center of Italy, Alesamonti CNC machines are used in the production of motor vehicles, construction equipment, aerospace components, and large scale energy related products. As a further testament to the company’s stature, other machine tool OEMs use Alesamonti equipment to manufacture their products.

Gosiger applications experts can help you select the large scale CNC machines that best suit your needs. And the Gosiger product support and technical service teams backsup every Alesamonti CNC machine we sell.